The European fox, Vulpes vulpes, was introduced into Australia in the early 1870s for recreational hunting purposes. The spread of the fox closely followed the distribution of rabbits across mainland Australia. Today, foxes are found in most areas of the mainland south of the tropics.

Foxes cause untold environmental damage, by preying on many species of Australian native wildlife. They include birds, small mammals and reptiles in their menu. The extinction or endangerment of native wildlife is a national disaster. Foxes significantly contribute, alongside other vertebrate pest species and the impact of man, to the extinction pressures.

Effective fox control has been shown to reduce the extinction pressure and to allow population recovery. The most effective way that this is done is through shooting. Eradicate Pest control have years of experience in tracking and shooting foxes in urban and rural areas. Our near-silent air rifle technology offers the perfect means to dispatch of foxes without impacting the surrounding environment.

Australian fauna did not co-evolve with the fox and thus our wildlife are susceptible prey species with few adoptive strategies to avoid predation. Studies on fox diet indicate that substantial predation on indigenous fauna occurs in all environments, including areas of heavy forest.

Some studies indicate that when food supplies become low foxes will simply move on to another area. The actual effect of foxes may be greater as many of our vulnerable native species have low population densities, meaning even small losses due to fox predation may be significant.