Based in Sydney and servicing both the metropolitan and surrounding rural areas, Eradicate Pest Control offers professional shooting services to assist in the eradication of feral and pest animal species on both private and public lands.

The legal requirement under Rural Lands Protection Act 1998 is that all landholders/managers are to continually suppress and destroy pest animals on land under their control. Animals that are currently declared pest species in NSW include wild dogs, rabbits, foxes, pigeons and feral pigs.

As we all know, landowners and managers around NSW and indeed Australia currently face an uphill battle when it comes to controlling these pests, especially in respect to the exploding rabbit populations.

Whilst baiting and trapping may offer some solution, they can be extremely indiscriminate (accidentally targeting native wildlife) and can cause prolonged and undue pain and distress to the target animal.

That’s where Eradicate Pest Conrol can help. We offer a discreet, affordable, ethical and targeted solution for this legal requirement through precision shooting.

In urban environments Eradicate Pest Control employs the use of state-of-the-art air-rifle technology that is not only incredibly accurate but also amazingly quiet. Coupled with the latest night-vision technology (giving us unfettered access to target animals) you can be assured that we will achieve fast and efficient results whilst causing little to no disturbance to either local residents or native fauna.

In rural environments we also employ the use of a wide range of large calibre centrefire rifles as well as specialised/restricted shotgun firearms for use with larger target species, such as feral pigs.

When you employ our services you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands. Our shooters have more than 60 years combined shooting expertise and are fully licensed to carry out this service. Eradicate is also fully insured and accredited and we are more than happy to provide these documents upon request.

Our complete service extends from beginning to completion including site/risk assessment, local police notification, mail drops to local residences, signage where required and carcass removal on completion.

Give us a call or email us to discuss your requirements and let Eradicate provide you with an efficient and affordable, tailored solution to your pest problems.